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After witnessing the hardships of children in Nepal on her maiden trip to Nepal in 2010, Laura Levtov was inspired to start Freedom on Ice Nepal. The foundation was initially established with the goal of helping girls obtain a quality education– building confidence and  a path for success.  ​


Access to education in the rural villages is limited, due to lack of resources. It is especially difficult for girls to attend regular classes as cultural and familial pressures force them to stay at home to help their family’s subsistence. In more dire conditions girls are forced to work in India, the Middle East, and other countries, forced into arranged child marrigaes or sold to human traffickers. ​

From generous financial support from PowerSkating Academy, Laura Levtov, Director of Freedom on Ice Nepal, has been able to provide 10+1 and 10+2 scholarships to 21 girls who otherwise would have been married, sold off or sent abroad.  We are currently supporting 12 primary grade children and found a group of women who have taken on a family a four daughters providing academic scholarships through to university.


Freedom On Ice Nepal's mission is to continue with our academic scholarships and create a Community Learning Centre in the village of Melamchi, offering classes in Drama, Music, Art, Dance, Sports and English Classes.


Freedom on Ice Nepal, is bringing a childhood back to children.



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