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Academic Scholarships

Freedom on Ice Nepal, works directly with Pragati, the private English school in Melamchi. They have waived all of their admission fees for our scholarship recipients to freeup funds for more children to attend.


The cost of Helping


Each class year has a slightly different cost ranging from a monthly fee of $17CDN for class one to a monthly fee of $33CDN for class 9 ( 2017-2018) rates.


After class ten children must write their final exam, SLC(STUDENT LEAVING CERTIFICATE) to be eligible to continue their studies in 10+1 and 10+2 (grade 11 and grade 12). We are proud to annouce that with government changes all schools must provide further education allowing for more children to be able to afford to continue their studies, no longer having to go into the city for their 10+1 and 10+2.


When taking a child into your family our dream is for you to see them through to the end of their schooling. If this is too much of a committment we welcome any amount of donation to our general Academic Scholarship fund with Powerskating Academy continuing to provide for the children until a family can be found.




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