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Freedom on Ice Nepal, is very proud of the project we created. We held a competition for the best book in 3 categories, ABC's, numbers and story books.  The children of Pragati, the private English school in Melamchi participated in this wonderful project.


All books produced through this competition by the children of the private school were brought to a very remote village school in Nawalpur where there is not a single book for the Kindergarten class.


The winners of the competition received a gift basket of art supplies and the children of Nawalpur received new books for their classroom.  




This was such a huge success we will be expanding on this project



Celebrating Christmas Melamchi

December 25th 2016

OUR DREAM - TO BUILD THE COMMUNITY LEARNING CENTER FOR MUSIC, ART, DANCE, DRAMA, SPORTS AND ENGLISH CLASSES. "If you can dream it, you can achieve it", Walt Disney. Our focus is obtaining all the building permits, land contracts, budgets, for both the construction and operating costs of our Community Learning Centre in Melamchi. Our dream is to break ground by the end of 2018.

City visit 1: Swimming

City visit 2: Momo party and Dance party

New and Continued Scholarships awarded for 2017-2018

Freedom On Ice Nepal Clothing Line established to provide funding for our projects

Harsana Chalise 

Bhagbati Puri

English help to our cleaning staff

Sajana Katuwal

Shanta Karki

Bishal Karki

Kedar Bhujel

Bhumika Adhikari


Four Sisters 

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